Futura 宣布正式关闭自家线上店舖

知名艺术家 Futura,于六月初在香港举办展览发布了和 Concrete Objects 推出了全新公仔《Null》、和 A-COLD-WALL* 及 Dover Street Market 打造限量联乘系列、与 New York Mets 合作推出球队创立 50 周年纪念商品,以及最近曝光的与两大品牌 Off-White™ 和 Nike 设计的全新 Nike SB 鞋款。这几个月话题不断的 Futura 稍早又发布了一则惊动消息。

随著市场对他的作品越来越有兴趣,转售的状况愈发频繁,Futura 为了让真心喜欢他的作品粉丝能够以公道价格入手,宣布关闭他的线上店舖 FUTURARCHIVES online shop,可说是斩断了所有再售商轻松入手 Futura 作品的唯一管道。

以下是 Futura 的完整声明:

This is a message from: Futura

In an effort to get our products into the proper hands (who will actually appreciate it) we will reach out to those individuals. To the real fans and supporters, you know who you are (and we know who you are). You will be hearing from us at FL. We hope this will reduce our products being sold at second or third-hand markets and reselling them at exorbitant prices. We hate that our fans are fighting against at machine (sic). We want this to be a unique and fair experience for every person.

Because of that: FUTURARCHIVES is now indefinitely closed.

Thank you for your participation and your understanding.

Real humans will prevail (always).